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Hi I'm Brea

True freedom comes from knowing who you are, standing in your truth, embracing your power and walking in your light.

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This path of life, with all of it's ups and downs has led me to a point where I am committed to and passionate about helping other souls evolve.

I was naturally spiritual as a young kid. I would meet people and instantly see the current state of their heart chakra. (not knowing what this was until later in life) 

I was visually evolved, having learnt to visualise and meditate at age 8, and I constantly had connections with spirits (which scared me a lot being so young) and I was attuned for my Reiki training at age 12.

From here, my path took a very long deviation from my true self where I experienced the control and manipulation of religion, I ended up in a very dark place.

For many years I fought an internal battle with what I was being told to believe and to what I felt was truth inside my gut.

I always thought I was different because I felt differently inside, I came from a broken family dynamic and I never quite fit in with other people in all scenarios in life; church, school and workplaces. 

This led me to severe depression, self harm, abusive relationships and attempting suicide on multiple occasions. 

I'd completely lost who I was.

I was too scared to be my true self for fear of judgement, I had big issues with not feeling good enough and I allowed my power to be taken away, for a very long time.

Now, after an 8 year journey back to discovering my true self (and continuing to do so) breaking free from the mundane day job cycle, embarking on the entrepreneurial road, learning about health and wellness, studying meditation teaching and holistic counselling I have come to point where I understand what it's like to struggle and be unhappy and unhealthy and I feel passionate about helping others find their health and wellness balance through personal and spiritual development.

My approach to wellness comes from first knowing yourself.

"Knowing thyself IS personal power".

Finding that connection with your soul and allowing everything else to flow from there.

We are here on our unique soul journey through this life to learn our particular lessons for our own personal growth.

Aligning with your true soul essence leads to a life of true freedom.

Better awareness, better choices and better outcomes in life.

It all starts within...

  • 1 hour private meditation and connection session.

    1 hr
    40 Australian dollars
  • Laying of the stones & sound healing

    1 hr
    60 Australian dollars
  • A complete body, mind and soul approach to self healing.

    1 hr
    90 Australian dollars
  • Healy Frequency Device

    45 min
    30 Australian dollars
  • Emotional, mental & physical health analysis with the Healy.

    1 hr
    40 Australian dollars
  • Meditation & Mindfulness Group Gathering

    Sun1 hr
    10 Australian dollars
  • Financial wealth IS part of health & wellness.

    30 min
  • Clear your mental and emotional state and gain clarity & inspiration

    1 hr
    40 Australian dollars
  • Balancing the seven main energy centres of the body

    1 hr
    40 Australian dollars

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Frequencies For Your Life

Healy is a wearable frequency device which harmonises the biogenetic field, offering energetic balancing for physical, mental and emotional health.

Healy Referrer No. 3100-9835-6579

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Satisfied Clients

Brea's gentle approach in caring for others is so lovely! She is a great teacher and mentor.

Elodie H

I loved Brea's guided walking meditation in nature. It was extremely helpful to connect with nature and feel grounded, especially when suffering from extreme stress.

Donna M

I highly recommend Brea to anyone who needs guidance in personal development. She is easy to talk to, down to earth and caring. Thank you.

Ben S

I found it hard to meditate but Brea taught me different, easy techniques that helped me to quiet the mind and begin to learn more about who I am.

Sarah B

I don't think there are many words to describe how incredible the Healy is, Brea assisted me with a couple of readings initially which blew my mind. Thank you Brea, for your help, for your services, for your Healy and introducing me to mine, I don't know where I'd be without you

Abbie M

Brea offers truly beautiful meditation sessions for beginners & experienced meditators. Everyone can resonate with her & her teachings. Group or one on one sessions.

Debbie B


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