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Your Self Discovery Journey Awaits...

Hi, I'm Brea

I empower people to experience personal freedom, through holistic wellness.

Personal and spiritual development are my thing and I am passionate about helping people realise their true potential by healing their past and dissolving self-limiting beliefs.

​ I am a holistic health coach,  holding a diploma in  meditation teaching, diploma in holistic counselling and a certified Compassion Key practitioner.​ I am also an entrepreneur who  is passionate about the importance of the life giving element of water and helping people experience better health through water education.  My approach to living well is a Self-development process of aligning body, mind and soul so that you can live a life that truly inspires you!

Letting go of pain, trauma and fear is a vital step toward living in alignment with your truth. Past hurts, accumulated over time have such damaging affects on our overall health if left unhealed. ​Physical and mental ailments begin to show up and our spirit is suppressed by the hurt that keeps replaying within the subconscious.  Learning practical ways to let these hurts go can clear the way for your Soul to shine through and begin to take charge of the direction of your life, just as it was intended. ​Most of us experienced childhood trauma to some extent in this life.​ Even as adults we continue to experience painful situations that we can't seem to move past of let go of, blocking us from moving forward and experiencing a fulfilled life.​These blocks play out in the form of unhealthy behavioural patterns throughout adulthood/life​. The good news is, they don't have to hold you back.​ You can live a life of true freedom by following your path of Self-discovery. Personal development is key to knowing yourself more deeply, learning to embrace your power and to walk in the light of your truth.

Are you open to growth, positive change and expansion?​

Your journey to healing, happiness and freedom begins now...

Satisfied Clients

We were chosen by the Australian Centre for Meditation & Mindfulness', Brea Willingham to be
involved in a meditation program.
We were given 6 weekly 1 hour sessions for our residents. What a blessing!
We only had a small group of residents who were willing to participate, but that is what made the
experience so very special for all involved.
Brea guided us through different techniques and modes of mindfulness and meditation, opening our
residents’ minds to the calming and very individual experiences that avail themselves to those who
truly open themselves up to the practise.
The small group enabled a space of trust for each to share and grow.
We didn’t want the sessions to end. The duality of the experience found the gifts of friendship and
learning for both the residents and the facilitator.
I, as the Retirement Village Manager, would like to thank Brea and the ACMM for this amazing

Shari, Bolton Clarke Fairways, QLD

My life has been a combination of many emotions. Caused from trauma , grief, abuse and loss of self.

I have had other treatments, for example, counselling, Psychology , naturopathy, affirmations, gratitude , psychotherapy and others. 

While  all of these modalities helped in the short term they we’re not a complete healing of the root cause. A … not quite finding the ‘Why’.

The WHY do I react to this or that, the WHY can’t I stop repeating a particular way of thinking or certain behaviour or emotion that causes panic attacks , or the endless conversations in my mind.


Then I found Brea. A CK facilitator. 


CK gave me clarity of the root cause of the area I was dealing with at the time of my treatment. I was able to release the trapped emotions and have a clear understanding and definition of the problem.


CK helped me take ownership of my reaction in the situation being healed.


I Highly recommend this treatment to everyone.    We are all affected by our past experiences whether great or small and CK is the perfect treatment to help heal and recover. 


No matter how deep the emotional trauma, CK is the answer. 



My initial treatment with Brea was for a very deep and traumatic memory of a past experience. But after my  session I was calm and content and I had a absolute knowing that complete healing had taken place.


Of course as life continues held emotions will arise from other past events , but I look forward to my time with Brea knowing that healing will be enjoyed. Brea genuinely cares for you and desires for you to be healed. She creates a safe and secure environment for you to release the deepest hurts, saddest  times and traumatic events that have held you captive since their inception. 

Brea gently guides you to a place of healing.


Thank you Brea.


Mavana QLD

I had the most beautiful and freeing Compassion Key session with Brea. She was able to articulate more clearly what my main issue was and then expertly took me back to my younger self who had first experienced this feeling of unease and disconnect. Through her gentle yet precise compassion key statements, she guided me to release what I had kept hidden in me for the longest time. I now feel more serene and lighter. Thank you Brea!


I loved Brea's guided walking meditation in nature. It was extremely helpful to connect with nature and feel grounded, especially when suffering from extreme stress.

Donna QLD

Having had little experience with meditation I was initially quite apprehensive before my first one to one session with Brea. However any concerns I had soon vanished once I met Brea, she is warm, welcoming and makes you feel so comfortable to be around. My initial session was wonderful, I struggle with anxiety and sleep but after this session I can honestly say I felt much more relaxed and fell asleep on the sofa that evening at 8pm! I’ve since attended a very healing group meditation session and most recently a session in compassion key. I was unsure what to expect during the latter but as always felt calm and relaxed once Brea began to talk. It’s only been a day since the session but I feel confident it has had and will have some positive effects. Thank you Brea.

Joelle QLD

I highly recommend Brea to anyone who needs guidance in personal development. She is easy to talk to, down to earth and caring. Thank you.


Kangen Water was one of the best investments I've made. Brea helped me to learn more about this miracle water and lent me water to try for cleaning and my pet wounds. Needless to say I purchase a K8 machine when I saw the incredible results of the 2.5pH water. It's absolutely worth the money spent for the many uses of this little machine. Very grateful.

Susan QLD

I found it hard to meditate but Brea taught me different, easy techniques that helped me to quiet the mind and begin to learn more about who I am.

Sarah QLD

I don't think there are many words to describe how incredible the Healy is, Brea assisted me with a couple of readings initially which blew my mind. Thank you Brea, for your help, for your services, for your Healy and introducing me to mine, I don't know where I'd be without you

Abbie VIC

Brea offers truly beautiful meditation sessions for beginners & experienced meditators. Everyone can resonate with her & her teachings. Group or one on one sessions.

Debbie QLD

I am truly grateful for the gift that Brea has given me in this deep and amazing work with Compassion Key. From the first session, which was quite emotional - to the time afterward of processing and being open to the more subtle effects, being able to trace back to my blocks and reasons for holding onto patterns that didn't serve me, having Brea gently guide me back to these times and compassionately support me in letting them go. My self-honesty, clarity and confidence have really improved after only 2 sessions, after a lifetime of knowing thar something was blocking my progress, yet not knowing or understanding how to work with this. I knew this work would be profound - I just didn't realise how much!
Thank you so much Brea, you are such a gifted and nurturing soul..

Jaine - NSW

Brea's gentle approach in caring for others is so lovely! She is a great teacher and mentor.

Elodie QLD

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