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Your Self Discovery Journey Awaits...


Hi I'm Brea

I empower people to discover their truth through body, mind and soul wellbeing. 

I always felt I was different.


At 5 years old I felt extremely 'homesick'. I knew deep inside that I didn't belong here...

I came from a broken family dynamic, which wounded me greatly and I never quite fit in.

I was naturally spiritual as a young kid. I would meet people and instantly see the current state of their heart chakra. (not knowing what this was until later in life).

I was visually evolved, having learnt to visualise and meditate at age 8, I constantly had connections with spirits (which scared me a lot being so young) and I was attuned for my Reiki training at age 12.

From here, my path took a very long deviation from my true self where I experienced the control and manipulation of religion, I ended up in a very dark place.

For many years I fought an internal battle with what I was being told to believe and to what I felt was truth inside my gut.

I tried so hard to 'fit in' with society; schools, church, workplaces, friendship circles. I had no family connections and I felt desperately alone.

This led me to severe depression, self harm, abusive relationships and attempting suicide on multiple occasions. 

I'd completely lost who I was.

I was conditioned to this 3D reality, suppressed, wounded and lost.

I was too scared to be my true self for fear of judgement, I had big issues with not feeling good enough and I allowed my power to be taken away, for a very long time.

Now, after an 8 year journey back to discovering my true self (and continuing to do so) breaking free from the mundane day job slave cycle, embarking on the entrepreneurial road, learning about health and wellness, becoming a meditation teacher, holistic counsellor Compassion Key practitioner, I have come to point where I understand what it's like to struggle and be unhappy and unhealthy and I feel passionate about helping others find their health and wellness balance through personal and spiritual development.

"Knowing thyself IS personal power".

We are here on our unique journey through this life to learn our particular lessons for our own personal growth and Soul evolution.

This learning journey involves a great deal of healing of our past wounds from childhood, and past life experiences that we bring into this life.

Aligning with your true Soul essence through connection to Self and doing the inner healing, leads to a life of true freedom and Self-empowerment.

​It's not our fault we have been conditioned to be so disconnected from our true nature.

But it is our responsibility to remember...

Remember who we are.

If we want to change the state of our lived reality, we must heal the wounded parts inside.

We must come to know our true Self, take our power back and step into our Soul’s highest expression.

It all starts within...

True freedom is a result of knowing who you are, standing in your truth, embracing your power and walking in your light.