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A Life Saving Message

Remember Who You Are...

Were the gentle but firm words that echoed inside me at the height of my anxiety.

These words sent a shock of self realisation straight through me. 

I'd allowed anxiety and panic attacks to control my life for too many years. I feared the panic attacks so much that I ended up in hospital thinking there was something seriously wrong with me.

'It's just anxiety' says the doctor.


Well if this is 'just anxiety' then how come it feels so physically real?

Anxiety and any sort of mental or emotional trauma has massive impact on our physical body and our functionality in life. It is scientifically proven that over half of all medical related concerns come from stress.

Emotional and mental stress.

Stress contributes to many ailments that we try to band aid with quick fixes. These ailments, if left unhealed, lead to chronic illness and dis-ease in our body.

I've experienced my fair share of stress over my lifetime (like most people) and I've dabbled in many different therapies to find help. I've discovered that ultimately, what truly enables us to self heal from any sort of trauma, is venturing within.

This means facing your 'stuff' that you buried deep inside and giving yourself permission to let go of the baggage and understand how powerful and wonderful you truly are.

So powerful that you can indeed heal yourself.

Predominantly with self-directed compassion.

Every single thing that we go through, is stored in our energy field within our body. This is why we become damaged and develop certain behaviours that are not serving us well.

When we experience trauma, or hurt, the emotion felt in the body gets trapped if we don't know how to release it at the time.

This left un-healed can have a major impact on our physical health, our relationships and our perception and attitudes toward life.

Choosing to embark on your personal development journey and investing in your health and healing with coaching, will be one of the best decisions for your mental & emotional state and your spiritual growth and wellbeing.

As I walk my path of healing and self-discovery, I invite you to do the same.

Do you desire to live the life your Soul intended?

One of freedom, joy and abundance?

It is possible.

I am a certified meditation teacher, holistic counsellor and Compassion Key practitioner helping people clear their past trauma, bring more balance and peace into their lives and awaken and evolve the spirit within.

The key to freedom, is letting go.

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