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Holistic Counselling/Compassion Key

A complete body, mind and soul approach to self-healing

Through the journey of self discovery, may one find the place of healing.
Holistic counselling sessions look at treating the 'whole' person and encourage personal development and self discovery to understand oneself.

Brea specialises in a specific healing technique, that uses Self-directed compassion to dissolve karmic imprints and energetic blocks which can be the cause of your current life issues and ailments.

What you are experiencing in your current reality, is a direct reflection of the wounds inside,  conditioning and programming which took place either in childhood or past lives.

- What we meet with compassion, dissolves -

Clearing underlying programs and patterns, open your path for a clearer, more aligned way of thinking and being, and therefore attracting more of what you DO want in your life.

Compassion Key is a powerful & transformative technique, yet gentle,  with lasting results of peace, clarity, balanced health and abundance on all levels.

Do you desire to live your Soul's highest expression?

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Meditation & Mindfulness  Private Session


Are you seeking balance, clarity, more self awareness, spiritual development or stress relief? A private one on one meditation and mindfulness session may be just what the soul ordered. Feel supported with a guided session, tailored to your needs,  to assist you in bringing more balance to the body, mind and spirit.

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Meditation & Mindfulness
Group Session

Group gatherings for adults for personal and spiritual development.

Each gathering will consist of a variety of different meditation and mindfulness tools and techniques including sound, movement, body awareness, journaling and relaxation.

Suitable for beginner through to experienced.

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Discover Enagic

Enagic is a 49 year old Japanese company, hand crafting the top water ionisers in the world today. They are the Original Equipment Manufacturer of medical grade water ionisers.

Their vision has always been to spread the message of true health, consisting of; true physical health, true financial health and true mental & relationship health, with the sharing of their  products.

Improve your physical health with the best quality water available.

Clean your home and workplace without any toxic chemicals and create uncapped wealth utilising Enagic's patented compensation plan as an Enagic Distributor. 

Do you desire the freedom to live your life on your terms without the restriction of a 'job'?

Do you want to do something meaningful that positively impacts the planet and others?

Are you looking for heart and soul centred work that you can do in your own timing, from anywhere in the world?

Do you want freedom to live, travel and play whenever and wherever you wish?

Have you tried other 'networking' businesses only to burn yourself out and not be earning very much?

Are you feeling ready to make a change in your life?

Enagic could be the answer to true financial wealth, time freedom and improved physical health.

Water is our essential life giving force. This is something that everybody needs.

With Enagic, you have a solid foundation with which to get started, grow and expand with no limits.

Are you ready to learn more?

Get in touch today for information on how to purchase your very own machine or how to get started with your own business and begin to create legacy wealth right away.

Your physical, mental and emotional health are worth it.

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Healy Aura Analysis

Healy is a wearable frequency device that has the ability to tap into your biogenetic field through quantum physics, to uncover hidden issues or blockages within your Chakras. It provides an in depth analysis of your current state of being, and delivers the appropriate frequencies (Hz) you require to balance your imbalance. Quite incredible really!

Healy is accurate, effective and safe.


Water Ceremony

The Water Ceremony comes to you from a deeply inspired place of passion where Brea weaves together her meditation experience with the incredible living essence of high vibrational water.

Water has the ability to hold information, and we can learn to work with water, to create more of what we would like to manifest in our lives.

Brea uses high quality ionised water that is high in anti-oxidants, hydrogen rich and alkalised, which just adds to the powerful healing effects we can create when consciously working with water in a meditative way.

No  prior meditation experience required. Just an openness to receive, create and raise your vibration, mentally, physically and spiritually. 

Come and experience the benefits of consciously creating with the life giving essence of water.

Enagic's Kangen Water

Change Your Water Change Your Life

This Japanese, hand crafted water Ionizer has the ability to create 7 different pH levels of water via electrolysis, for the purposes of drinking, cleaning and sterilising your home, office or workplace, cleaning pesticides off produce, prolonging food life, and plant and skin health.

This compact, portable machine filters out all of your nasties from tap water too.

Electrolysed-reduced and hydrogen-rich drinking water acts as a powerful anti-oxidant, is super hydrating and alkalising to the body promoting all round better health.



Frequencies For Your Life

Healy is a wearable frequency device which harmonises the biogenetic field, offering energetic balancing for physical, mental and emotional health.

Healy Referrer No. 3100-9835-6579

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