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Meditation & Connection Session

Private one on one session

Are you seeking balance, clarity, more self awareness, spiritual development or stress relief? A private one on one meditation and connection session may be just what the soul ordered. Feel supported with a guided session to help you to discover more of your true essence and bring balance to the body and mind.


Crystal & Sound Session

Laying of the stones & sound healing

This is a healing session with the use of crystals, singing bowls and vocals.
Immerse yourself into the vibrational frequencies of sound whilst grounding your body into the elements of Earth.
The laying of the stones can either be chakra based or intuitively chosen depending on your current needs.
Receive the recalibration your body seeks with the powerful use of crystals and sound.


Holistic Counselling

A complete body, mind & soul approach to self healing.

Through the journey of self discovery, may one find the place of direction, healing and purpose.
Holistic counselling sessions look at treating the 'whole' person and encourage personal development and self discovery to understand oneself.

Brea specialises in a specific regression technique, that uses self-directed compassion to dissolve karmic imprints, which are the cause of our current life issues. 

What we are experiencing in our current reality, is a direct reflection of the wounds inside, which took place either in childhood or past lives.

- What we meet with compassion, dissolves -

Clearing underlying programs and patterns, open the path for a clearer, more aligned way of thinking and being, and therefore attracting more of what you DO want in your life.

Compassion Key is a powerful, transformative technique with lasting results of peace, clarity, balanced health and abundance on all levels.

Do you desire to live your Soul's highest expression?

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Self Care Group Gathering

Meditation & Mindfulness Group Gathering

Our group gatherings are an opportunity to come together with like minded others with the intention of raising our self-awareness and consciousness through a variety of meditation and mindfulness practices and spiritual tools and techniques.


4 Week Journaling Journey

Clear your mental & emotional state
Gain clarity & find inspiration

Journaling has huge benefits to our mental and emotional well-being, and even boosts the immune system.
Journaling comes in many different forms and can be utilised to deal with trauma and stress, to learn more about yourself and to find meaning and purpose in your life.
My 4 week journaling journey is a process of self-discovery where expression through writing creates a clearer pathway forward.

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Healy Aura Analysis

Healy Frequency Device

Healy has the ability to tap into your biogenetic field through quantum physics and uncover hidden issues or blockages in your Chakras. It provides an in depth analysis of your current state of being, and delivers the appropriate frequencies (Hz) you require to balance your imbalance. Quite incredible really! Healy is accurate, effective and safe.


Cash Forex Group

Financial wealth IS part of health & wellness

Abundance is your birthright! 
And yes there is enough to go around.
So claim what is rightfully yours and say YES to an opportunity that can offer you the vehicle to financial wealth (without having to sell products or work hard).
CashFX is a Forex Trading company founded on the values of service to humanity, honesty and respect.
You as a member, can benefit from the trillion dollar a day industry as a passive income earner or a business builder.
Book a call with me today to see how you can take advantage of this incredible opportunity and have your money work for you instead of sitting in the bank.
Now is the time to learn new ways of earning money that are recession proof and rewarding.
Book a call today to learn more.